New Issue of the “Úplná znění předpisů” Series: ENERGY SECTOR

September 16, 2011

The “Úplná znění předpisů (ÚZ)” Series has published a brand new issue dealing with the energy sector. The new “ÚZ ENERGETIKA” provides a summary of laws applicable to the energy sector in the Czech Republic and represents the first publication of its kind on the Czech market.

The publication was initiated and compiled exclusively for Sagit, the series’ publisher, by KSB experts on energy and utility law, namely Václav Rovenský, a KSB partner, and Tomáš Sequens, a KSB associate.

The new “ÚZ ENERGETIKA” contains the Energy Act, as amended effective 18 August 2011, as well as selected implementation laws which are the most commonly used in practice. The compilation also includes the Act on Support for Power Generation from Renewable Energy Resources and the Energy Management Act.

For more information on the new “ÚZ ENERGETIKA” (Issue No. 855), click here